“Powder coatings currently represent ca. 15 % of the total industrial coatings market. Some challenges still remain that need to be overcome before powder coatings can be more widely adopted into other areas. The powder coating presentations at the conference will address these challenges along with some others that are more widely relevant to the coatings industry at large. Topics will cover sustainability, novel and low temperature curing, durability, processing equipment, formulation and aesthetics.”

Dr Stephen Ryley, PRA

stephen ryley

Dr Ryley will be chairing Session 3 Room: Hongkong on Powder Coatings on Monday 18th March 2019.

To see further details please view the conference timetable in the PDF Viewer next to this text.

This information was published in the European Coatings Journal, Issue 02/2019 www.european-coatings.com

PRA Training Course:

The Development,Manufacture & Application of Powder Coatings 12/03/2019 – 13/03/2019

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