About PRA
PRA is the world’s most complete surface coatings advisor and the essential connector to the global surface coatings community throughout the supply chain.

We provide independent knowledge based services that have positioned us as a catalyst for innovation and growth since 1926.

We are Globally Recognised Coatings Experts and our mission is to be the essential connector for the global surface coatings community throughout the supply chain by providing independent knowledge based services in support of innovation and growth of our members.

Since our foundation the aims have been:

  • To promote research, scientific and technological work in connection with paint, colour and allied industries, maintaining appropriate laboratories
  • To acquire, edit and publish literature on the activities of these industries, maintain an online coatings library and establish data and information relating to them; further to disseminate information through presentations and advice
  • To retain or employ professional advisors in connection with the above
  • To encourage invention and innovation in this field
  • To obtain grants from public bodies to promote these objectives
  • To co-operate with other organisations pursuing scientific or industrial research
  • To encourage and improve the education of people engaged in (or likely to be) these industries

PRA Membership brings many benefits. Membership of PRA is open to all surface coatings related businesses including paint, ink, adhesive and sealant manufacturers, chemical raw material suppliers, other research associations, instrument equipment manufacturers, end users of coatings and consultants.

PRA provides a unique combination of market and technical expertise to support innovation and growth of chemicals and coatings companies, as well as users. We do this by helping our clients to achieve:

  • More efficient business processes
  • Greater access to global markets
  • Better differentiated products and services
  • More effective skills development

Whether your company could benefit from our Research Support, Coatings Advice, Information Services or Technical Services, every individual can benefit from the Events and Coatings Training that support professional development & recognition, as well as bring people together to share ideas and meet key business contacts.

PRA History
1926 Establishment of the “Research Association of British Paint, Colour and Varnish Manufacturers”. Dr L A Jordan appointed as Director
1927 First Technical Report – on tung oil
1931 First commissioned research contract – on lithopone
1944 Construction of electron microscope
1954 First in-house Symposium
1956 First training course
1960 Second Director: Dr Leslie Valentine
1963 Extension of membership to overseas firms
1965 Extension of membership to paint users
1968 Third Director: Dr G Anderson
1970 Conductive paint invention
1971 Change of name to “Paint Research Association”
1977 Opening of PRA Council to overseas Members
1981 World Surface Coatings Abstracts (WSCA) goes on-line
1986 Fourth Managing Director: John Bernie
1986 First overseas conference (Brussels)
1988 First EU contract (Self-Stratifying Coatings)
1993 Launch of business journal Coatings COMET
1994 First PRA Research Symposium
1995 PRA on Internet
1996 Purchase of Atomic Force Microscope
1999 Fifth Managing Director: Chris Storey
2001 75 years of service to the coatings industry
2001 Sixth Managing Director: John Marshall
2005 PRA relocated from Teddington to the Coatings Technology Centre in Hampton
2006 Seventh Managing Director: Jonathan Bourne
2009 Merger with Pera International
2012 PRA becomes a Pera Technology company
2015 PRA relocated to Pera Business Park, Melton Mowbray
2016 PRA becomes PRA World Ltd
2016 Eighth Managing Director: Ian Hay