Colour and Optical Properties

The tests referred to here are a representative selection of our most common testing activities.  If the test you are looking for is not listed here please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Colour Comparison (Instrumental)BS 3900-D8: ISO 7724/1
Colour Comparison (Visual)BS EN ISO 3668, BS 3900-D1
Determination of OpacityBS 3900-D11, ISO 6504/3
Determination of OpacityBS 3900-D4, ISO 2814
Determination of OpacityBS 3900-D7, ISO 6504/1
Determination of Opacity: in-house method
Determination of Whiteness and YellownessASTM E313
Gloss MeasurementBS EN ISO 2813, BS 3900-D5