Assessment of a Novel Bio-Sourced Sustainable Resin Technology for Packaging Coatings

Enquiry Summary

A leading processor and supplier of bio-sourced materials sought to gain a better understanding of the metal packaging coatings market. Information relating to the global market in terms of application areas, market size, coatings suppliers, market trends and needs in the metal packaging market was required. This Company did not participate in this particular market and was seeking to assess market acceptance for novel bio-sourced binders.

The Company required an evaluation of the needs of the metal packaging coatings market relating to the development of new resins, and other potential market needs that would affect coatings development. PRA lrfab was requested to evaluate business opportunities by the assessment of market priorities, and in particular whether there was a need for new binders by coatings suppliers to meet gaps in the market. The Company was interested in learning about the relationships and influences within the supply chain.


PRA Irfab proposed a three phase programme to provide insights into the evolution of the metal packaging coatings markets, and assist the company in evaluating of the market potential. Phase 1: Identified potential market needs and assess requirements with regards to new binders. The relationships and influences within the supply chain were examined. The PRA team conducted interviews within the key stakeholder groups and obtained first-hand information on the:
  • status of current developments in the metal packaging market;
  • description of the supply chain and drivers influencing the relationships between market players;
  • methods the coatings manufacturers use to differentiate themselves and their products;
  • and to assess the potential priority of introducing new binders.
Phase 2: Focussed on gathering data on market size, growth, trends and drivers about a number of market segments. Market assessment included strategic analysis to assess the level of competition. Phase 3: Surveyed the patent landscape for metal packaging coatings in order to identify possible open areas of patent space that may provide opportunities for the Company to enter the market. PRA searches focused on key players in the supply chain, including packaging coatings and polymer manufacturers. Searches were conducted using appropriate patent classification terms to target key technology areas.


  • Recommendations were provided on who should be approached within the supply chain and options for market entry strategy
  • Extensive patent search results, provided the Company with a view of the IPR landscape for metals packaging coatings.
  • The Company is developing its technology and suitable test programme that will enable it to successfully demonstrate the benefits of its new technology to the coatings market.

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