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The Irfab™ team provide a bespoke market insight service in addition to our globally renowned multi-client studies, ideal for businesses from raw material, coatings & equipment suppliers to coatings end-users. Our expert team works closely with individual clients to deliver in-depth analysis on specific industry segments, combining our existing market information and extensive databases with additional primary and secondary research.

Our customised single-client studies cater to your specific needs, whether you require insights on the coatings market in a particular country or seek to explore the regional or global market potential for a new product launch. Including a thorough analysis of the market and industry, market assessment, workshops, technology trends, company insights, and more, our comprehensive approach provides valuable support for your business strategies. With Irfab™ Market Insights, you can drive new marketing initiatives, facilitate successful product launches, pursue merger & acquisition activities, and discover new or alternative sources of key raw materials or coatings.

Furthermore, we can complement our bespoke market insight studies with our extensive technical and research services, from technical evaluations and product testing to expert consultancy.

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Real-world results achieved by PRA's Irfab™ team

PRA’s Irfab™ team have a proven track record of delivering successful single-client projects. Among their achievements are conducting a market analysis for construction chemicals in the Middle East, identifying alternative sources of specialist powder coatings for an end-user and facilitating first contacts with potential new suppliers, as well as identifying target companies in Europe and North America for a leading multi-national company and producing a suitable short-list for further evaluation in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

To further illustrate the team’s capabilities, below are two case studies showcasing their expertise:

Market Opportunity Assessment: Raw Materials

We conducted a comprehensive assessment for a multinational chemical company seeking to explore the market potential of an existing raw material for coatings formulations. Our analysis included a market opportunity assessment, business value analysis, and a technical evaluation to identify viable market segments and product development opportunities. We provided strategic recommendations on the technology's prospects in industrial and architectural coatings segments, enabling the client to pursue further product development.

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Market Entry Strategy: Metal Packaging

A leading bio-sourced materials supplier sought to assess the potential of its sustainable resin technology in the metal packaging coatings market. We proposed a three-phase program to evaluate the market potential, including identifying market needs, assessing market size and trends, and surveying the patent landscape for potential entry strategies. Following our extensive research and recommendations, the company is developing a suitable test program to successfully demonstrate the benefits of its technology to the coatings market.

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