Mechanical Properties

The tests referred to here are a representative selection of our most common testing activities.  If the test you are looking for is not listed here please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Abrasion ResistanceASTM D4060
Abrasion ResistanceBS 3900-E14, ISO 7784-1
Abrasion ResistanceBS 3900-E15, ISO 7784-2
Adhesion TestingBS EN 24624, ISO 4624
Adhesion TestingBS EN ISO 2409, BS 3900-E6
Application Properties and Appearance
Assessment of BlisteringBS 3900-H2, ISO 4628/2
Assessment of ChalkingBS 3900-H6, ISO 4628/6
Assessment of CrackingBS 3900-H4, ISO 4628/4
Assessment of FlakingBS 3900-H5, ISO 4628/5
Assessment of RustingBS 3900-H3, ISO 4628/3
Chip ResistanceBS AU 148 Part 15
Cupping ResistanceBS EN ISO 1520, BS 3900-E4
Determination of Film ThicknessBS EN ISO 2808, BS 3900-C5
Determination of Recoatability
Determination of Surface Drying TimeBS 3900-C2, ISO 1517
Determination of Through Drying TimeBS 3900-C3, ISO 9117, BS EN 29117
Flexibility TestingASTM D 522
Flexibility TestingBS EN ISO 1519, BS 3900-E1
Flexibility TestingBS EN ISO 6860, BS 3900-E11
Hardness TestingASTM D 3363
Hardness TestingBS 3900-E17, ISO 12137- 1
Hardness TestingBS 3900-E19, ISO 15184
Hardness TestingBS EN ISO 1518, BS 3900-E2
Hardness TestingBS EN ISO 1522, BS 3900-E5
Hardness TestingBS EN ISO 2815, BS 3900-E9