New for 2019: Global Industrial Coatings Market Report

Dale Pollard

Business Development Manager, PRA World

A new Irfab report from PRA

The Irfab report provides comprehensive analysis of the global industrial coatings market, with historical and forecast data for coatings demand and technology trends that are likely to influ-ence coatings’ development over the next five years by segment and by geography.

The demand in the Global Industrial Coatings Market is expected to grow at 3.0% CAGR over the period to 2023 from an estimated volume of almost 17 million tonne (13 billion litre) and a value of €65.5 billion in 2017.
Epoxy-based coatings constitute the largest segment by resin chemistry, rep-resenting more than 30% of all industrial coatings, followed by Acrylics, Poly-esters and Polyurethanes and other binders.
Solventborne coatings are still the most common technology accounting for over 65% of the global consumption volume, however the waterborne coatings type is expected to continue to grow at almost 4% CAGR to 2023. More….

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