U0100 Standard Viscosity Oil


Each Viscosity Calibration Standard Oil is supplied together with a calibration certificate certifying the oil was manufactured under ISO17025 and ISO Guide 34. Kinematic viscosity have been made in accordance with ASTM D2162 at temperatures or 20, 23 & 25°C. The calibration certificate quotes viscosities in mm²/s (centistokes), mPa.s (centipoise) and  Krebs units (where applicable).

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ISO 17025/ISO Guide 34 Viscosity Standard Values*

Oil Number Kinematic Viscosity mm2/s (cSt) Dynamic Viscosity mPa.s (cP)

Density g/cm3

U0100 24.88 21.05


* Please note that the value stated is nominal. All certified values for the oil will be shown the calibration certificate supplied with the product.

Safety Data Sheet – Click here

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