Ecolabel Accreditation

A trusted label for environmentally responsible products

Approved Ecolabel compliance testing

The Ecolabel scheme is the most trustworthy reference point for consumers who are concerned with their own impact on the environment, created to respond to a growing need to transition to sustainable processes in the surface coatings industry. Founded in the 1980s, the EU flower and the Nordic swan are now widely recognised across Europe as a symbol of quality, reliability, and corporate social responsibility, with products completing a rigorous and extensive testing process to achieve accreditation.

This includes the creation of dossier of information, detailing specified performance characteristics, and a formula which is free from toxic substances and minimises the use of titanium dioxide pigment and volatile organic solvent content. At PRA World, we are an approved laboratory of European Union and Nordic Ecolabel compliance testing for decorative interior and exterior paints and varnishes. Our specialist team can assist you through the entire accreditation process – from carrying out testing to checking your dossier or preparing it for you.


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The benefits of Ecolabel registration

Receiving Ecolabel accreditation for your product is the most recognisable symbol of your commitment to the environment. The brand value and credibility associated with Ecolabels has been consistently proven over time.

Increase your market visibility

Stand out from your competitors by displaying your commitment to sustainable production methods, and raise your brand's profile by differentiating your products from the rest.

Attract eco-conscious consumers

Benefit from a positive image with consumers who care about their impact on the environment, by providing them with a clear reason to consider your product when making purchasing decisions.

Enhance your culture

Attract and retain high-quality employees who appreciate your values and vision, with stronger employee engagement from your positive sustainability stance.

Demonstrate your commitment

Receive third-party assessment of your environmental impact across the product lifecycle and gain community recognition that you are a responsible organisation.

Assisting you through the compliance process

Looking to achieve Ecolabel accreditation?

Are you looking for an approved laboratory to assist with your Ecolabel accreditation process? Get in touch with the PRA World team today to find out more about how we can help you to achieve accredited status for your products.