Product Formulation & Polymer Synthesis

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Industry-leading product formulation services

At PRA, we understand that there isn’t always a standard solution for every challenge. With decades of experience and industry expertise, our experienced consultants are here to analyse your project parameters and provide detailed recommendations for your substrate and end-use conditions.  We’ll evaluate, test, and refine your bespoke formulation to ensure it provides the exact properties you need to succeed – from gloss, durability, flexibility and colour, to environmental, VOC & safety considerations.

Whether your requirement is for water-based, solvent-based or solvent-free, we can create compliant coatings for both architectural and industrial markets for a range of applications. Our familiarity with 1K, 2K and radiation-cured coatings, as well as the requirements of different substrates, ensures a successful outcome for your project.


Tailored to your needs

Benefit from expert insights and recommendations on the right chemistries and materials for your specific application, helping you to achieve the perfect finish.

UKAS accredited laboratory

Have confidence in your product with rigorous quality control at every stage of the process, from initial R&D to examination and testing of the final formulation.

Expert technical support

Utilise PRA's expert technical support throughout your project lifecycle, from assistance with sourcing raw materials to adjusting formulations as your needs change.

Custom polymer synthesis at lab scale

What do you do when the commercially available resin or latex options don’t meet your requirements? Perhaps the right combination of properties is not commercially available. Maybe you need to understand how changes to a polymer structure affect the properties of your coating, or you want to transition from a solventborne resin to a waterborne dispersion. PRA can help to bridge the gap by preparing laboratory scale quantities of custom resins or dispersions for testing in your application and then advising on scale-up partners to take your new polymer ingredient towards production.

Our polymer chemists have a broad range of experience in both solvent-based and water-based chemistry for preparation of various polymer types including acrylics, polyesters and alkyds, and polyurethanes. Use of bio-sourced ingredients is a particular area of interest.


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