Synthesis of Raw Materials Used to make Coatings and Inks

Most of our work in this area involves production of the resins that are used as binders. The main reason for doing this is to evaluate novel components which are not currently used in resin manufacture.

One growing area of interest is that of environmentally friendly products and the challenge here is to utilise non-hazardous natural products to make resins that match the technical performance of synthetic resins in current use.

There are a number of coating and ink additives, notably UV stabilisers, biocides and driers, which are traditionally added as separate components. In general these are comparatively low molecular weight materials and can be deactivated by adsorption on to the surface of pigments or, in the case of external exposure, extracted from the film by water. In the past we have been able to help clients overcome these problems by incorporating the additive into the polymer chain of the resin.