Dr Ben Naden speaking at Ti02 World Summit & The Pigments & Colour Forum

Dr Ben Naden will be delivering a presentation on a circular economy for enhanced sustainability of Ti02. PRA has developed technology for the recovery of pigments, particularly TiO2, from waste paint, including the separation of materials from complex mixtures. We have shown that TiO2 can be isolated from mixed waste paint, providing a product with properties comparable to virgin product.

Chromate-free Coatings Systems for Aerospace and Defence Applications

Abstract Aluminium alloys used in the aerospace industry provide a combination of good strength to weight ratio and cost but are susceptible to galvanic corrosion. Chromate-based compounds offer excellent anti-corrosive properties and their use has been widespread to provide protection to environmental degradation. Acknowledgement of the dangers to human health and the environment has led […]

PRA Presenting at CHEMUK2019

Presentation Title : Reducing the Environmental Impact of Ocean Plastics Derived from Waste Paints PRA is delighted to announce that we will be presenting at the CHEMUK2019 show. Abstract: Ocean plastics is a topic often in the news currently. The main focus seems to be plastic bottles, packaging waste, etc. However, the paint and coatings sector […]