Irfab Article – Waterborne Coatings

A steady growing business The global market for water-borne coatings is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.5 % – 2.8 % by 2023. According to the Irfab Coatings Markets study, published by PRA, more than 92 % of the demand for water-borne coatings is attributed to architectural coatings, while about 8 % is […]

Global marine coatings market estimated to be over 1.3 billion tonnes

The global market for Marine Coatings is estimated to be 1.3 billion tonnes (848 million litre) with a market value more than €3.4 billion in 2017. It is expected to grow at 3.5% CAGR over the period from 2017 to 2023. More than 95% of global demand for Marine coatings used on commercial fleet comes […]

Protective coatings market expected to grow at 2.2% CAGR by 2023.

The global market for Protective Coatings was estimated to be almost €10 billion in 2017 and the volume demand is expected to grow at 2.2% CAGR to reach 2.7 million tonne (1.8 billion litre) in 2023. Although the global Protective coatings market was affected by reduced levels of infrastructure spending in major economies in Europe, […]

New for 2019: Global Industrial Coatings Market Report

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A new Irfab report from PRA The Irfab report provides comprehensive analysis of the global industrial coatings market, with historical and forecast data for coatings demand and technology trends that are likely to influ-ence coatings’ development over the next five years by segment and by geography. The demand in the Global Industrial Coatings Market is […]

Irfab Article – ACE – Global Demand Increases

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Global Demand Increases Agriculture, construction and earthmoving (ACE) Coatings is one of the most demanding coatings sectors as high qualitycoatings are required for high-value OEM equipment. By Olga Menukhin, Irfab Global Industrial Coatings Marketsstudy, PRA World Ltd. According to the new Irfab Global Industrial Coatings Markets study from PRA, a chemicals and coatings consultancy, after […]

Irfab Article – Automotive Coatings – Driving Growth Globally


Driving Growth Globally An overview of the global automotive coatings. By Olga Menukhin, PRA World. Development of light-weighting vehicles and the move to low-temperature curing are driving the coating technology ad­vances. Vehicle manufacturers are exploring the use of a wide range of lightweight materials representing alternatives to traditional steel. However, no single lightweight material can […]

Irfab Article – Architectural Coatings – Colourful Outlook


Colourful Outlook The consumption of architectural coatings will hike around the globe. Growth forecasts vary from region to region, according to market researchers. By Damir Gagro. In certain regions solvent-based systems still hold a high market share. However, a shift towards water-based alternatives is expected. Market research company Kusumgar, Nerfli & Growney (KNG) estimated global […]