Testing Paints Before Application

The tests referred to here are a representative selection of our most common testing activities.  If the test you are looking for is not listed here please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Combustibility DeterminationBS 3900-A11
Controlled Stress Rheometry
DensityBS EN ISO 2811-1, BS 3900-A19
DensityBS EN ISO 2811-4, BS 3900-A22
Determination of Spreading RateBS 3900-A16, ISO 7254
Fineness of Grind DeterminationBS 3900-C6, ISO 1524, EN 21524
Flash Point DeterminationBS EN 456, ISO 3679
Freeze-thaw Resistance DeterminationASTM D 2243
In-Can Properties DeterminationBS 3900-A2, ISO 1513
Measurement of Contact Angle: Plate Method
Non-volatile DeterminationBS EN ISO 3251, BS 3900-B18, IS0 3251
Oil Absorption Determination
Particle Size Distribution
pH Determination
Surface Tension of Liquids
Viscosity Determination
Viscosity DeterminationASTM D2196
Viscosity DeterminationASTM D562
Viscosity DeterminationBS 3900:A7-1, ISO 2884-1
Viscosity DeterminationBS 3900:A7-2, BS EN ISO 2884-2, ISO 2884-2
Viscosity DeterminationBS EN ISO 2431, BS 3900:A6
Viscosity DeterminationDIN 53211, ASTM D1200, ASTM D4241