Radiation Curing Technology

Face-to-Face Coatings Training Course

Venue: Classroom

Start Date: October 15, 2024

Non-Member Cost: £1,665


An intensive three-day course that provides a firm foundation in the chemistry, principles and applications of ultraviolet and electron beam technologies. A session on practical application is included, in our laboratory.

Who Should Attend

Designed for both newcomers and more experienced personnel, from companies involved in formulation, supplying raw materials, equipment manufacture and end use.

Course Content


  • What is radiation curing
  • Chemistry, processes & products
  • Market areas
  • Benefits

Principles of UV curing

  • Introduction
  • Basic photochemistry
  • Basic polymerisation


  • Free radical type I
  • Type II initiators
  • Polymeric photoinitiators

Inhibition of free radical curing

Light absorption and light sourcing

  • Matching emission spectra and absorption
  • Effects of pigmentation
  • Special initiators

Thiol-ene chemistry

Maleate-vinyl chemistry

The free radical curing process

  • The curing process
  • Polymer properties
  • Monomers
  • Prepolymers

Cationic curing process

  • Photoinitiators Sulphonium and iodonium salts
  • Epoxides and vinyl ethers
  • Use of alcohols

Anionic curing

Cycloaddition reactions

Organosilicon chemistry

Evaluation of cure


  • Principles of formulation
  • Practical aspects of formulation
  • Raw material selection


  • Litho
  • Flexo
  • Screen printing
  • Inkjet
  • Spray coatings
  • Roller coating
  • Powder coating
  • Hand applied

Health & Safety

Regulatory Factors

  • Affecting formulation

Course Trainers

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