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Our Advisory Board of Member Representatives is composed of industry-leading companies and organisations, which provide strategic advice and guidance to PRA as we continue our work to advance paint and coatings technology through research and education. Ensuring that the needs and interests of our members are reflected in our work, our Advisory Board meets regularly to discuss PRA’s priorities, direction, and initiatives, helping us to channel our efforts in promoting growth and innovation where it matters. 


AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company which creates paints and performance coatings for both industry and consumers worldwide, in over 75 countries. Their brand portfolio includes household names such as Armstead Trade, Dulux, Cuprinol, Hammerite, Polyfilla & Sikkens.


Arkema is a leading figure in the manufacturing of specialist materials for adhesives and coatings. Headquartered in Paris, they are at the forefront of development in sustainable solutions in chemistry, responding to the challenges of climate change by supporting renewable power and green initiatives across 55 countries.

Chemours Titanium Technologies

Chemours is an American chemical company embracing the push for sustainability through innovation, working with a wide variety of industries including automotive manufacturers and hydrogen energy systems. With 35 manufacturing and laboratory sites, Chemours supports businesses and initiatives in over 120 countries.

FP Pigments

FP Pigments are a global leader in the manufacturing of opacity pigments, creating innovative products in their Finnish, German, and American plants which are used worldwide. Their products are vital for a wide variety of industries, with contributions to surface coatings, inks, plastics & more.

Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems Ltd

Fujifilm is a world-leading multinational headquartered in Japan. Beginning with the manufacturing of photographic film, they have expanded to become a leading business across photography, optics, electronics, and chemicals. Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems is a development centre for inkjet, screen, & flexo ink technologies.

Venator Corporation

Venator are a world leading chemical company specialising in titanium dioxide pgiments and performance additives. With 3,500 associates across over 110 countries, they are a leading contributor in innovation across colour pigments, functional additives & more.

PPG Industries

PPG Industries is the largest coatings company in the world. Founded in 1883, they've grown from an American business to a powerhouse in the paints and coatings industry with over 200 manufacturing locations worldwide. Their international portfolio of paints & stains brands includes PPG Paints, Glidden, Comex & Histor.

TATA Steel

Tata Steel is one of the world's foremost steel companies, representing a swathe of companies within the Tata Group in an industry at the centre of global industries such as construction and automotive manufacturing. Their European branch now operates in 26 countries, meeting the demands of ever changing markets.


Lubrizol is a specialist American business that specialises in the development of additives for engine oils and industrial lubricants. With more than 8,500 across over 100 facilities worldwide, Lubrizol have become instrumental to the development of more optimised machinery as the world moves to sustainability through efficiency.

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