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Gain a fresh perspective into your product's performance

At PRA, we understand that the current business landscape demands agility, innovation and a commitment to excellence. Here to support you in elevating your brand and solidifying your position in the market, our expert quality assurance support ensures your products consistently meet the highest standards, while our comprehensive benchmarking services arm you with the data-driven insights needed to outperform competitors and drive innovation.

Together, these services form a powerful combination that enables you to optimise your business processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately achieve your objectives. When you partner with PRA, you can focus on your core competencies, secure in the knowledge that we’ll take care of the details. Let us help you elevate your brand and solidify your position in the market.


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Maintain your brand's reputation by ensuring consistency across the supply chain

Comprehensive quality assurance solutions

As a manufacturer in the paint and coatings industry, you know that delivering high-quality products is critical to staying competitive in the market. At PRA, we offer comprehensive, independent quality assurance support to help you achieve this goal. We understand that a single quality issue can have a damaging effect on your brand’s image and reputation, and we’re here to give you the peace of mind that your products continue to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance.

Utilising years of experience and expertise, our technical team work closely with you to develop a bespoke coating specification for your product, considering key aspects such as product performance, colour and durability. With this specification as our foundation, we design a personalised testing regime to ensure supply chain consistency, helping you to identify potential quality concerns before they become costly issues such as product failures or recalls, to protect your customers’ trust and preserve your brand’s public perception.

Maintain your brand's integrity

A strong brand reputation is built on the foundation of satisfied customers. Our quality assurance services are designed to help you deliver exceptional paint and coatings products that meet your customers' needs time and time again, strengthening loyalty to your brand.

Unlock cost savings

Reduce waste, rework, and customer returns by identifying and addressing quality issues early in the production process. By minimising defects and streamlining production, you'll save valuable time and resources – ultimately improving your bottom line.

Streamline regulatory compliance

Our quality assurance services ensure your products are compliant with local and international requirements and safety standards, mitigating the risk of costly non-compliance issues and protecting your business from potential fines or legal action.

Identify performance gaps and leverage your competitive edge

Independent product benchmarking services

Conducting an independent evaluation of your product against its competitors is a vital step in identifying gaps in performance, giving you the information you need to make strategic decisions about how to improve and better position your product in the marketplace. At PRA, our  benchmarking services provide the data and insights you need to stay ahead of the curve, helping you to promote a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation.

We’ll work alongside you to develop a comprehensive benchmark testing regime, performing blind tests to determine the market-leading products. After your benchmarking evaluation is complete, we’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of your product’s performance, providing data-driven recommendations for improvement and identifying opportunities for growth and innovation. These insights can also be leveraged by internal teams to develop compelling marketing campaigns, showcasing your product’s improved performance or comparative advantages over competitors’ products.

  • Identify strengths & weaknesses

    Our experts will objectively assess your products by comparing them with competitors, revealing areas where your offerings excel or fall short. This invaluable information will fuel your product development, enabling you to build on your strengths, address weaknesses, and ultimately create more competitive and innovative products.

  • Drive continuous improvement

    By consistently monitoring and comparing your products against industry standards and best practices, we'll help you identify areas for improvement and set realistic targets. Our services will foster a culture of continuous improvement within your company, encouraging you to constantly refine your products and processes to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

    We'll provide insights into how your company's products perform in comparison to competitors, enabling you to meet and exceed customer expectations. By addressing any gaps in quality, functionality, or service, we'll assist you in improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, your bottom line.

  • Gain competitive advantage

    Our thorough analysis of how your company's products stack up against the competition will inform strategic decision-making. Armed with this knowledge, you can differentiate yourself in the market, seize new opportunities, and capitalise on the weaknesses of your competitors - leading to a more robust market position and a stronger competitive edge.

Maximise your product's potential in the marketplace

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With PRA’s independent quality assurance support and benchmarking services, you can be confident that your products will always meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance. Trust us to help you achieve your goals and maintain your competitive edge in the market.