Conducting Multi-Client Evaluations Ahead of New EU Directive: Decorative Gloss Paints

As well as single-client trials, PRA also conducts multi-client evaluations, making the results of these trials available to the paint and coatings industry.


To help manufacturers comply with Phase II of the EU Paint Products Directive (2004/42/EEC), which came into force in 2010, PRA conducted an extensive multi-client evaluation of decorative gloss paints. This Directive sets VOC emission limits for decorative and vehicle refinish paints. The legislation will have the most impact on the category for ‘Interior and exterior trim and cladding paints for wood and metal’, i.e. gloss paints in decorative paints sector.


PRA made the study open to raw material suppliers, paint manufacturers and distributors, all of whom were invited to submit samples of 2010 compliant white gloss paints for evaluation. Products included start-point formulations, developmental products and fully commercialised paints. All the major paint and coatings technology routes were evaluated, including:

  • Solventborne High Solids Alkyd
  • Solventborne High Solids Acrylic
  • Waterborne Alkyd Emulsion
  • Waterborne Acrylic Latex
  • Waterborne Polyurethane Emulsion

All samples submitted were tested comparatively for composition, performance in laboratory tests and practical application trials.


Results for every paint were reported anonymously to all subscribers, with the identity of each individual paint only being disclosed to its supplier. Copies of the full report are available for purchase, where readers can see a clear, comprehensive and completely independent performance evaluation of products formulated to be compliant with the new 2010 VOC limits. The PRA also offers single-client evaluations of other paints, which benchmarks paints using the same detailed methodology.

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