Tailored Coatings Training: Waterborne Coatings & Dispersion Training

Putting staff through training not only improves their knowledge base and develops new skills, but has been proven to boost business performance, increase profits and retain staff. However, for many coatings businesses finding the right training course to meet specific needs can be a significant challenge. This may be made more difficult due to course location, particularly when multiple staff members are required to attend, making it impractical to deliver training programmes from both a financial and business impact perspective. This is where bespoke training programmes from the PRA can resolve these and many other issues relating to training course availability. We can create courses to meet the needs of the organisation, delivering high value, learner centric modules in a cost effective manner.


PRA were approached by an organisation wanting to create a new knowledge base within its scientific group, specifically focusing on waterborne coatings and dispersion methodologies. The required course was aimed at staff with a good chemistry background with a range of knowledge of the subject area from basic to intermediate. In addition, the course needed to be delivered on the companies site over a 2-3 day period with 10 attendees.

Our Approach

PRA engaged with the client to fully understand the knowledge gaps and overall outcome expected from the course. Our technical team created a 3-day course to cover the subject matter, to accommodate all levels of experience within the target group. In collaboration with the client, PRA’s team developed the course materials and learning outcomes, to ensure the overall objectives were achieved. The syllabus included technical topics such as; pigments and extenders; bio-deterioration; dispersion of pigments, theory, practice and equipment and also considered the market size for waterborne coatings, providing high level market intelligence from our IRFAB study.


The training course was delivered by a PRA expert over 3 consecutive days at the clients site in Northern Europe. The course was well received by the delegates and the interaction around the subject area was very valuable and supported the course notes. This approach allowed full attendance for the 10 delegates at a very competitive rate and as such enabled the company to provide high quality training to all the scientists wanting to participate. For further information on how your organisation could benefit from bespoke training courses please contact the PRA.

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