PRA Presenting at CHEMUK2019

Ben Naden

Senior Chemist, PRA World

Presentation Title : Reducing the Environmental Impact of Ocean Plastics Derived from Waste Paints

PRA is delighted to announce that we will be presenting at the CHEMUK2019 show.

Abstract: Ocean plastics is a topic often in the news currently. The main focus seems to be plastic bottles, packaging waste, etc. However, the paint and coatings sector also have a role to play in reducing micro-plastics from our oceans. Dr. Naden will discuss the scale of the problem and provide an over view of the ideas to address this issue in the future.

Bio: Dr Benjamin Naden is Senior Scientist at PRA World, a team of globally recognised independent coatings experts providing independent testing, product development, training and market intelligence services to the paint and coatings industry. Ben has over twenty five years’ experience in research, development and manufacturing of industrial chemicals and paint and coatings R&D.

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