Print and Ink Technology

Face-to-Face Coatings Training Course

Venue: Classroom

Start Date: June 11, 2024

Non-Member Cost: £1,665


This three day course provides a firm foundation in the terminology and concepts used in print & printing ink technology, including a review of the market and exploration of printing processes, application-specific substrates & inks, raw materials, and testing. The course includes practical demonstrations.

Who Should Attend

The course is suitable for technical, commercial and sales staff who works for ink manufacturers, printing companies or suppliers of raw materials to the graphic arts industries. It can be especially beneficial to newcomers to the industry, enabling them to gain a foothold of knowledge and familiarity with the terms and concepts. It is equally advantageous to those with experience in one area of the technology who wish to broaden their knowledge in other printing techniques or different parts of the material supply chain.

Course Content

Print & Ink Markets

  • Market areas & relative importance for each process
  • Introduction to the printing process by their markets
  • Market drivers and growth predictions for print & inks

Printing Processes

  • Printing processes (letterpress, litho, flexo, gravure, screen, jet & other non-contact and speciality)
  • Print presses & characteristics of each process
  • Identification of print for each process


  • Relationships between the printing process the substrate and the ink
  • Range of substrates and pre-treatment
  • Post print treatment of substrates

Colour Reproduction in Printing

  • Overview of colour theory
  • Colour measurement & colour matching
  • Spot colours
  • Process colour printing

Raw Materials

  • Pigments & dyes
  • Ink Base mixing schemes
  • Resins, solvents, monomers & oils
  • Additives

Ink Drying Processes

  • Chemical & physical principles of ink drying
  • Relationships for drying method
  • Drying System
  • Capillary action and penetration drying
  • Cold –setting and heat drying inks
  • Physical and chemical thermal ink drying
  • UV & EB
  • Microwave
  • Convection

Rheology & Dispersion

  • Overview of theory for inks
  • Apparatus for measuring ink viscosity and dispersion
  • Fundamentals of pigment dispersion and wetting

Manufacture & Storage

  • Paste & liquid inks
  • UV curable inks

Ink Formulation

  • Ink requirements
  • Physical characteristics
  • Viscosity & tack and other physical parameters

Testing & Control

  • Raw material testing
  • Ink quality control
  • Finished ink testing
  • Dry print testing

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